Breaking News Update: CVS and Supermarket Card deals = $150 Money Maker!!

Here’s the breakdown of the two deal combo:

1) Go to CVS and buy the paypal card

2) Go buy all the stuff thats free after ECBs and pay with your $50 ECBs that you just got

3) Then buy another paypal gift card, get $50 more in ECBs

4) You will then have $300 on two paypal gift cards

5) Call or use the internet to activate your card right away

6) Drive immediately to your supermarket (otherwise Paypal might charge you the monthly $4.95 fee) and buy $300 worth of Amazon gift cards in 3 separate transactions

7) You will get $60 worth of free groceries catalina coupons

So that’s $160 worth of CVS merchandise and groceries for $9.90 (cost of two paypal prepaid card activation fees)

Or $150 worth of free CVS merchandise and groceries!

8) Don’t forget to call and cancel the cards right after you use them at the supermarket.

Here’s the links to the original deals:


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